Published: Mar 13, 2007
Cathedral To Get Twin Of Rose Window
by Staff

The rose window of the Virgin Mary, the Four Evangelists and Siena's patron saints soon will grace the Italian city's cathedral again -- in a way.

It won't be the original by Duccio di Buoninsegna that returns to the Doumo, but a perfect double crafted by Sienese glassworkers and art historian-painter Francesco Mori, ANSA said.

The masterpiece that the Medieval artist created between 1287-88 will remain in the Opera Metropolitana Museum, where it was housed after being removed for restoration work in 1996. Experts said the window is safer and easier to conserve in the museum, where it is on display for the public.

"The reproduction of Duccio's window is very high quality and faithful to the original," said Mario Lorenzoni, director of the Opera Metropolitana Museum. "The idea was to respect the need to preserve this precious masterpiece and create a new work that is worthy of taking its place in the cathedral."

Duccio blended the Byzantine tradition of the East with the Gothic art of Western Europe. His works are famous for their luminescent colors. (c) UPI

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