Published: Nov 7, 2008
Joe The Plumber Book, Death Threat Video By KGO Radio Host
by Jack Ryan

Like all good celebrities big and small, Joe the Plumber has hired a publicity team. There is talk of a book deal. Read about that here.

And it all started because a man asks a simple rhetorical question and before he knows it the entire media and people are out to smear his name, beat him, insult him, and invade his personal life, now they are shouting death threats at him.

Obama supporter and San Francisco's KGO radio host Charles Karel Bouley said a few weeks ago that he wanted Joe the Plumber, real name Joe Wurzelbacher, dead.

Karel is a gay activist and writer for the Huffington post shouted that he wanted Joe the plumber dead because Joe asked Obama a difficult question in which he revealed his socialist views.

Joe the Plumber was just the average guy tossing around a football with his son on his front lawn when Obama came into his neighborhood attracting many people and many of them he felt were asking easy questions. So he decided to throw a tough question at Obama where he asked him "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more isn't it?" further along in the answer by Obama he stated that he felt "spreading the wealth around" was the correct way to handle the U.S. economy. What this meant was that he would give a tax break, and 40% of America who doesn't pay income tax, check from the wealthiest of American's. Obama's campaign states, whoever makes over $250,000 a year will be taxed more. Since then, Obama has been called a socialist, marxist, and communist for his extreme views and taxing the American dream and the hard working earners in America.

Since then he's been called racist terms like "skin head" and has had his entire life probed by the media. All the guy did was ask a fair question...does it matter that he isn't a licensed plumber (but still does a plumber's job) or owes a grand in back taxes? It should not be a crime to ask a person running for president a question.

The day after Joe the Plumber asked the question, Obama and Biden made fun of Joe and put him in public eye at rallies and in the final debate against McCain. (c) tPC

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