Published: Nov 6, 2008
Video: Sarah Palin Africa Ignorance Claim: Just The Latest Smear
by Ben France

Yesterday, Fox News Channel's Carl Cameron told anchor Shepherd Smith that a source or sources within the McCain campaign told him that the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, didn't know Africa was a continent, or what countries are in North America.

If anyone has listened to Sarah Palin speak (and not sound bites) it becomes brutally obvious that such a claim is absurd. Let that sink in for a second. A U.S. governor who doesn't know that Africa is a continent or what countries are in North America?

Sure, one could just be like Gawker and be quick to devour the red-meat. The Uber-Bog writes: 'Welcome to the last gasps of what Hillary Clinton called the "vast right-wing conspiracy!"'

Like she really couldn't name a Newspaper. More like she didn't want to single any particular one out.

Or the Atlantic Monthly which writes: "They assumed she wasn't completely out of her mind and dumb as a rock, which, one should concede, is not that big an assumption for a sitting governor ... the Palin candidacy was a total farce"

Farce? Look who just won the presidency.

Palin was certainly nervous and unprepared during those Gibson and Couric interviews and she obviously didn't get the nuances of foreign policy and economics, but to suggest that she's a moron is ridiculous.

The systematic take-down of Sarah Palin is in full-effect from the McCain camp, some conservatives, progressives and left-wing losers.

The McCainiacs are trying to destroy this woman to cover up for their own incoherent incompetence - and the shortcomings of their leader

Include the newest rumor that she spent more on clothing than previously revealed, and it points to the idea that not only is the left wing trying to destroy this woman, but that right is also perfectly fine pushing memes that are completely unprovable. (See below)

The McCain camp simply wanted to use Sarah Palin. And the liberals are quick to tear at the flesh thrown to them. Fact of the matter is.. She scares the living crap out of the left because she is sharp, talented, independent and a quick study.

And, by the way, How come it is okay for FOX News' Carl Cameron to report rumor and innuendo now instead of during the campaign?

If she appoints herself to the imminent open Alaskan Senate seat, it's on.

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