Published: Nov 19, 2008
Found: Mother-Killing Tina Loesh And Lesbian Lover Skye Hanson Bodies
by Jack Ryan

The bodies of two of the two most wanted lesbian lovers Tina Loesh, 37, and Skye Hanson, 44, have shown up dead last Saturday in a sport utility vehicle not far from Tucson, Arizona. It appears that the two decided on suicide as supposedly Tina shot and killed Skye and then turned the gun on herself according to the police Captain Scot Haug who was at the scene of the crime. A 9mm semi-automatic pistol was found at the scene of the suicide, along with gunshot shot wounds to the heads of the victims.

So what did these crazy ex-prisoned lover lesbians do to earn a spot on the most wanted list? On January 8, 1998 Tina Loesch went over to her mother's house with a man called Bradley Steckman. It seems the mother of Tina Loesch, Barbara Loesch, was relaxing in her hot tub when Steckman pretending to trip and drop a TV set into the hot tub, thus electrocuting Barbara Loesch. Both Steckman and Tina then held the woman's head under the water for a couple minutes to make sure Barbara Loesch was dead.

The kicker is this, Tina Loesch had not long before purchased a $500,000 life insurance policy in her mother's name and then went ahead to list herself as the beneficiary. It was obvious at this point that she wanted to collect that sum of money. Hanson and Loecsh both hired Steckman for this diabolical scheme to take place and since the day of the murder, fled the state and went unfound until last Saturday.

This is not the first time Tina Loesch and Hanson were suspected killers, in 1995 someone murdered Tina's father, Gary Loesch. Gary Loesch was shot to death doing his job of delivering newspapers in Kootenai County. Police say the case was unsolvable, but have the inkling that it was Tina Loesch who did it as she had a motive. Tina and Gary both had substantial disputes with each other.

The lesbian lovers left a suicide letter along with a will for Skye Hanson. The search for Tina Loesh's 18-year-old son Kristopher has begun. Steckman has already confessed to the murder and told the police in 2004 that Hanson and Loesch promised to give him $10,000 to do it. Steckman is serving a life sentence currently in Washington state prison. (c) tPC

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