Published: Nov 21, 2008
Minister Mark Holick Insists Obama Is A Muslim
by Steven Kane

Just in case you thought this stuff would end with the election, think again.  Mark Holick, a minister for a church in Kansas, insists President-elect Obama is a Muslim.

On a billboard outside Spirit One Christian Center, the message "American we have a Muslim President this is a sin against the Lord! EX. 20:3" has brought alot of apparently wanted attention on the Wichita, Kansas Church.

Holick, the pastor of Spirit One told reporters, "The main point of the marquees is to cause Christians to understand he's not a Christian."

Pastor Holick uses verses in the Bible that he believes supports his view that electing Barack Obama President is a sin because he supports abortion and shows tolerance of other religions.

This is not the first time Holick has used his billboard to post controversial messages and has even been threatened by the IRS to have his church's tax exempt status revoked because of his political views.

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