Published: Nov 24, 2008
Tina Sherman Nude Photos Story Likely A Hoax, Naked Pictures Don't Exist
by Mike Baron

Arkansas man Phillip Sherman is suing McDonalds claiming that nude photographs of his wife Tina Sherman were uploaded onto to a website after misplacing his cell phone at a Fayetteville, McDonalds restaurant.

<small>Nude Photos? Not!</small>
Nude Photos? Not!
Sherman claims he left his phone at the Fayetteville, Arkansas McDonalds location on July 5. A manager reportedly confirmed by phone that Sherman's cell would be secure until he returned.

A short time later naked pictures of Tina, that resided on the cell phone, allegedly made their way online. The suit $3 million alleges that the photos were uploaded onto a website, thoughtlessly publishing Tina Sherman's name, address, and contact information.

The lawsuit also alleges that before Phillip could get his cell phone back from McDonalds, Tina Sherman starting receiving text messages from her husband's phone in response to her pictures. One text message stated:

"I've seen your pictures Tina, I liked what I saw."

Because of this story hitting the mainstream news, the search terms "Tina Sherman" and "Tina Sherman Nude" have permeated the web.

One problem, no photos and no alleged website where they reportedly taken down from.

Nobody seems to be able to locate any photo other than the tired cropped one below.

<small>Tina Sherman Nude? No, Sorry</small>
Tina Sherman Nude? No, Sorry
Some unscrupulous sites, in order to capture traffic, have resorted to "censoring" the image, or worse, using ones like the shower image above. (which we found on google images) 

Some have even been making claims to posess video. This of course only leads to malware and viruses. So stop searching.

We've searched high and low and have found no evidence of the validity of this story's image claim. So read the stories below, at least they deliver. (you know what I mean ;), right?)


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