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Published: Dec 4, 2008
Bothell High School Cheerleaders (Topless & Nude Photos) Scandal
by Jack Ryan

The parents of two Bothell High School Cheerleaders in western Washington are suing the Bothell High School district for mishandling racy photos of two cheerleaders.

Two Bothell High School cheerleaders snapped racy cellphone pictures of themselves and then "accidentally" sent them to other students, which included members of the football team.
For anyone who follows cheerleaders in the news, you might remember the Fab Five Cheerleaders scandal, the Sacramento Kings Dance Team racy photos, the ASU Cheerleaders bra and panties photos & the Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders replacing their skimpy outfits story. Read and see the top 10 Cheerleader scandals here

During the investigating the saucy snaps, the Bothell High School administrators took a good hard look at the pics, but the girls parents allege in their lawsuit that they were not properly notified of the incident that led to the cheerleaders suspension from the cheer squad.

According to court documents, one of the pictures was taken 3 years ago and shows the girl topless. It had been sent to her then-boyfriend early in 2005. Later in the summer months, the pic "accidentally" was distributed to other Bothell High students.

The other teen's photo was reportedly snapped in June, when she and a fellow cheerleader used their cell phones to each take photos of themselves nude, according to her lawsuit.

Those photos would then be "accidently" sent to other Bothell High students. A11News has more and photos here.


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