Published: Dec 4, 2008
Romance Scam? RomanceScam.com (Romance Scams.com): Database of Scammers
by Mike Baron

Please everyone watch out for scams. Dating and romance scams try to lower your defences by appealing to your romantic or compassionate side.

Go to ROMANCE SCAMS.com (RomanceScam.com) they can tell you every thing you need to know about ALL the scammers out there. They have helpped a lot of people who have been scammed.

They appear to be down at the moment but you can view the cache here. RomanceScams.org also contains valuable information.

Some of these scams work by setting up a dating website where you pay for each email or message you send and receive. The scammer will send a whole series of vague-sounding emails filled with gushing talk of love or desire, like this one below.

"Hello Pretty!!! How are you doing? I'm Frank. From Virginia. But am New to the State's...The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your picture was..'WOW..you're drop dead GORGEOUS, that is why i'd took time to introduce myself... Well i am currently in west/coast africa working on a Casino project at this time... I have 2 weeks to get back to the state. if you are interested and you will like to talk some more."

Please be careful when meeting anyone on line. If they write in broken English you can just bet they are a scammer! Read more and get additional information here and here.

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