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Published: Mar 16, 2007
Report: E-Fraud Down Slightly In 2006
by Staff

The latest FBI report on Internet crime details nine types of on-line crime, with the most common being auction fraud.

About 44 percent of complaints involved problems with on-line auction sites, the report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center said. Non-delivery of goods or checks was the second most common, at 19 percent.

Far fewer complaints were received about identity theft, investment fraud, cyberstalking, phishing, spoofing and spamming.

The agency received 207,492 complaints during the year, down about 10 percent from 2005. The dollar amount involved totaled $198.4 million, up slightly from the previous year.

Most attempts to defraud U.S. residents originated in the United States with Britain and Nigeria the foreign countries involved most often.

The report suggests that people who want to avoid being victimized use common sense, including finding out how on-line auctions work before they bid and as much about an on-line seller of merchandise as they can. The FBI suggests caution when all a buyer knows about a business is an e-mail address or post-office box number. (c) UPI

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