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Published: Mar 27, 2007
American Idol Naughty Girls: Alaina Alexander Topless Photos Emerge
by Jim Brogan

American Idol 6's Newest Naughty Girl: Alaina Alexander Topless -American Idol's former contestant, Alaina Alexander, is the second idol hopeful of the season to have topless photos on the internet. 

Antonella Barba was the first contestant to cause an American Idol sex scandal, and Alaina is the second runner-up. The only difference this time is that Alaina has already been kicked off the show. Antonella was strung along on American Idol for her sex appeal until fans couldn't take it anymore, but Alaina was kicked off the show before her topless photos emerged.

Alaina's Myspace Page has revealed the aspiring singer's 'attributes', including a photo of her seemingly naked from behind, with her sitting 'Indian-style' holding her hair up off of her back.

Underneath this photo, which features the former idol contestant's butterfly tattoo, she writes, "I feel buff," assuming she feels her arms look muscular in the picture.

Alaina has another photo of her lying on her side in a black, very revealing outfit, under which she wrote the word "Sassy."

If these "censored" photos exist, perhaps ones that are more revealing could make their way to the 'net.  Could Alaina be testing the water?

It looks like the girls of American Idol all have a naughty side to them. If she had released these photos sooner, she'd probably still be around.


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