Published: Dec 5, 2008
Seattle Teen Girl Cheerleaders Nude Photos, Parents Sue?!
by Mitch Marconi

Cheerleaders Booted after Naked Pix - The parents of two teenage girls are suing the Northshore School District after nude photos of their daughters sparked their suspension.

The two minor cheerleaders were suspended from the high school's cheerleading squad after school officials discovered nude photos of the girls were circulating via text messages.

According to a report, the parents of the two un-identified minors are not happy with the school's decision to suspend their daughters, claiming the district is violating the girls' right to "due process".

The families also allege that officials at the school had no legitimate reason for sharing the nude photos of their daughters with other staff members and that they were negligent in filing a report with police.

The parents' attorney Matthew King says that if the girls are going to be punished for the text messages, any other student who forwarded and/or viewed the nude photos should also face suspension.

King explains: "We're not technically challenging the sanctions as being too strict, we're saying they weren't evenly enforced across the school."

"There should have been some punishment meted out to those who were in possession of the photos. It seems like the girls are getting the brunt of it."

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