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Published: Dec 22, 2008
East Building Kappa Girl (Photo) Huang Video Porn Causes Stir In China
by Mike Baron

Kappa Girl Huang Video - A 12 minute long sex video (sex tape) of a female employee - identified only by her surname - Huang, working at the Kappa store

in the east building of the Shanghai No.1 Department Store on Nanjing Lu has recently been spreading on the web like wildfire.

It has emerged on Chinese internet via Bittorrent and the Chinese peer-to-peer application Xunlei, reports Shanghaiist.com.

Shanghai police have detained the woman for allegedly filming herself having sex and then posting the video on the Internet.

"Huang was detained by police on suspicion of disseminating pornographic materials," the Shanghai Public Security Bureau (PSB) said in a statement (in Chinese)

Pornography is illegal in China, but remains widely accessible on the Internet. The PSB statement, released Friday, did not say when Huang was detained.

A sexually explicit conversation between her and her boyfriend has been translated from Shanghainese to Mandarin and is available all over the internet now.

Intrigued, people started showing up at the Kappa store with cameras in hand trying to catch a glimpse of her.

Under Chinese law, anyone who films or uploads sex videos onto the internet is guilty of distributing pornographic content.

Photo of 'Kappa Girl' is from Shanghaiist.com. Videos of 'Kappa Girl' available here.

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