Published: Jan 12, 2009
Kim Calo Scandolous Married Mom Overdoses During 3-Way Sex Romp With Zobkiw
by Jack Ryan

In a complete shocker, a woman by the name of Kimberly Calo, 41, who is married with two children was found dead a Manhattan hotel after drugged up sexual three-way. Calo, known for serving on local hospital and charity boards, decided that she was going to party it up with another woman named Nicole Zobkiw, 25, and a fruit dealer whos name is Thomas Hoey who is 40-years-old and also married with kids.

During their sexual romp, reports say that Calo left to do cocaine while the other two, Nicole Zobkiw and Thomas Hoey, started having sex. According to the NY Post, "Hoey told cops he wasn't in the room when Calo collapsed, but returned to find her lying on a couch. Zobkiw told authorities she had slept with Hoey, then walked out when the banana man turned his affections to Calo, because "she didn't want to watch," a source said."

Apparently the other two found Calo frothing from the mouth on the couch. Firstly Zobkiw wanted to call the cops but Hoey stopped her and said he had a personal doctor to attend to the situation who reportedly announced she was dead after he looked at her.

Calo was found with drugs in her purse it is speculated, this personal trainer left two children behind when she died. (c) tPC

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