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Published: Jul 14, 2011
Bootylicious Model Suelyn Medeirios DUI Arrest Video
by Jack Ryan

Sexy bootylicious Brazilian model SueLyn Medeiros, 50 cent's rumored play-toy, has been arrested for a DUI. According to reports, SueLyn Medeiros was pulled over in Hollywood last night after hitting another car in her DeLorean. Thankfully she was not going 88-mph.

Police gave Medieiros a sobriety test. Despite the severity of the situation, Medeiros is laughing through the entire DUI test and prancing around the streets barefoot. Well, despite how sexy and short her dress is, she was arrested.

TMZ reported, "Medeiros then blew a .14 -- nearly twice the legal limit in California -- and was placed under arrest. According to law enforcement, Medeiros bragged incessantly about being a rich model, and was extremely flirtatious with officers."

To make matters worse, she apparently had another warrant on her head for something else. Medeiros is in custody on $45,000 bail. Good thing's she rich...bad thing she's just another self-destructing Hollywood model. (c) tPC

To see the video - CLICK HERE

Check out these photos of her, you won't regret it - CLICK HERE

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