Published: Mar 11, 2009
Two Teachers Sex with Same Boy: Linda Nef and Valynne Bowers Rape
by Jack Ryan

Two junior high teachers from Utah are being charged with felony rape and sodomy against a child - the same child.

The teachers, 46-year-old Linda R. Nef and 39-year-old Valynne Bowers, are both accused of raping the same 13-year-old student.

The teachers, who did not know about each other, were exchanging sexual text messages with the boy and having phone sex before finally assaulting him. Nef, a former physical education teacher, allegedly assaulted the boy for a year before being caught.

Bowers, a math teacher, began sexually assaulting the boy in December of 2008. Both teachers are no longer working. Bowers is on administrative leave and Nef resigned from her position at the Junior High School.

It appears both teachers began their "relationships" with the boy by discussing personal problems. There are no indications that any of the assaults took place on school property.


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