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Published: Mar 17, 2009
American Idol Fixed? Staff Blabs The Final Four Already Chosen; See It Here
by Mitch Marconi

Is it possible the great FOX show American Idol could be fixed? According to reports the final four have already been chosen despite there being 13 idols left. One of the show's staffer's reportedly has gone around telling anyone she can of who is to be entering despite the singing of the final 13 to begin.

According to NY Daily News, "One of the hit show's staffers is running around telling anyone who'll listen that the team of producers and judges has already picked the final four contestants — despite the fact that 11 kids are still battling to be the latest pop star."

So who are the final four you ask? The female American Idol staffer is proclaiming it will be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert, and Alexis Grace according to NY Daily News. The female staffer said that those contestants WILL be the people in the final four. FOX has yet to comment and people are pretty upset right now. Although they have not yet named the woman who said this and her position, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. (c) tPC

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