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Published: Feb 6, 2008
Cecilia Cheung Nude, Gillian Chung Fellatio Photo In Edison Chen Scandal
by Mitch Marconi

Hong Kong gossip mills are churning after cantopop and movie stars Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung (of the group Twins) and Hong Kong actor Edison Chen have all be caught in a tabloid scandal.

Photos purportedly showing Chen partially nude with several starlets were copied from his computer when it was serviced last year. They have now been distributed over the Internet, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The first set involves actor Edison Chen with Gillian Chung while the second set involves Cecilia Cheung solo.

It has sparked a media frenzy in the celebrity-mad former British colony. The uncensored NSFW photos are here.

Gillian Chung's company, Emperor Entertainment Group, initially said the photographs of the normally squeaky-clean star were a digital fake, recent media reports have suggested otherwise. They have since recanted an apologized.

In a statement on his blog over the weekend, Edison Chen criticized some of the recent media coverage.

"I would like for u (sic) to respect the situation that everyone is in and report the truth to the fullest."

He did not clarify whether the photos had been doctored or stolen, but his manager said Chen would co-operate with the police investigation. The scandal, in effect, has ruined Chen's career.


Gillian Chung Apologises Over Edison Chen Nude Photo Scandal


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