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Published: Feb 11, 2008
Summer Verona Nude Photos, Video: Prostitute, Porn Star Guest On Howard Stern
by Jack Ryan

Meet Summer Verona.  Summer Verona is a prostitute and porn star who works in the "oldest profession" 
Summer Verona
Summer Verona
on Dennis Hof's World Famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada. 

Summer Verona and Dennis appeared on the Howard Stern show on February 11. She is a new addition to the Bunny Ranch, and Dennis felt the Howard venue and ideal place to introduce her.

See her photos here. NSFW version here.

Summer Verona was born in Orlando, Florida. She is age 18 and reportedly of Puerto Rican and Colombian descent. Her measurements are 5'6", 120 lbs. Right Celebrity reports that she has a tattoo on her rear of rainbows and butterflies.

Summer has been an adult star for a short time, starring in five adult films in 2007.

Summer was introduced to the porn game by her step father and he also serves as her manager, reports Hate, Create... Or. Her step father is the one who takes it upon himself to make sure that her mons pubis is appropriately smooth for action and that he does the waxing himself.

I know generally this is the kind of guest who is par for the course on Howard's Show but like Pete Fiedler writes, "surely a step father grooming the genitalia of his wife's daughter is over that invisible line" that seperates creepy from acceptable.

MarksFriggin has a run down here. Be forewarned though, it's pretty graphic.

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