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Published: Mar 8, 2008
Daisy De La Hoya Nude: More Topless Photos Emerge Of Oscar's Niece
by Jim Brogan

Daisy De La Hoya nude photos, more topless pics online - Last week we told you about Rock Of Love 2's very own classy contestant Daisy De La Hoya and a seemingly topless, extremely racy photo of herself online!

Oscar De La Hoya's niece Daisy De La Hoya wasn't actually nude in that photo, but she does appear to be topless as the only thing between her nipple and your eyes is a bottle of Jack Daniels!

TMZ scooped: Nothing says a woman of class like a sweaty vadge, whiskey and dope. Scandalous pictures must run in the family!  Oscar De La Hoya's niece Daisy -- who is currently a contestant on VH1's "Rock of Love," posed for this pic with her Britney partially showing and several lines of what looks like cocaine. Daisy claims it's just flour. Oscar must be beaming with pride.

Our friend Dickie has uncovered additional photos of Daisy and she is 100% topless in these photos.


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