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Published: Mar 11, 2008
Jasmin St. Claire, Howard Stern's Favorite Porn Queen, Kinky On Webcam
by Anna Elizabeth Anderson

Former hardcore adult film starlet Jasmin St. Claire is having a rather difficult time adjusting to her pending divorce.
The controversial "Queen of the Gang Bangs" has vowed publicly "I swear I will never go out of my way to help anyone out ever again!" according to an exclusive report posted on leading pro wrestling and MMA news website.
Jasmin, who left the porn trade in 1999 at the height of her career in hopes of becoming a big star in professional wrestling, posted a long and detailed diatribe against her ex husband, who is a musician.  
"F---  all of you that are on my page that know him.. get the hell away and off my page, including Matt's friends in Seattle who call me a "psycho," St. Claire exclaimed,  "easy to use that excuse due to my previous career.. but truth be known, all I did was take care of this man and make sacrifices, including burning plenty of bridges and not going thru with an autobiography since it made him feel uncomfortable. I never once left him after he threw out about $20,000 in merchandise that was I selling and supporting us with."
St. Claire, who is  a former regular guest on the Howard Stern radio show, was born Rhea Alexandria Devlugt in 1970. Wrestling News Desk reporter Dan Bristow commented on the 38 year old by saying "She's a former ECW Original. As a matter of fact, she's a "former" lots of things. Jasmin St. Claire is a former regular on the Howard Stern radio show, a former anal porn queen, a former gang bang record holder,  a former owner of her own wrestling promotion in Philadelphia (3PW, one of the many ECW-wannabe promotions), and a former happily married ex ECW Original, Anal Porn Queen, Gang Bang Record Holding used-to-be owner of a wrestling promotion."
Jasmin has also gone back to her sex-crazed roots by posting a number of webcam pictures that are NSFW. You can check out the full rant and Jasmin's WebCam pics here.
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