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Published: Mar 24, 2008
Photos: WWE Diva Maria Kanellis Shocker, Talks Oral Sex, Playboy
by Anna Elizabeth Anderson

A controversial interview with WWE Monday Night Raw Diva Maria Kanellis has shocked even the hardcore fans of professional wrestling.

Showing herself to be an independent young woman who speaks her mind, the Ottawa, Illinois native was interviewed to promote her Wrestlemania Playboy edition, and her answers were blunt and entertaining.
A great excerpt:

Question: Are your natural breasts an asset when you're wrestling?

Maria: Well, they move a little bit more -- the "Tiggers" like to bounce around. So when I'm in the ring I have to tape them in a little more than the ones that just sit there. 

Question:  You call your boobs "Tiggers." What are your nicknames?

Maria: I have a couple of nicknames. Kitty is the big one right now, from the way I act in bed -- from crawling or the way I arch my back during sex.

Question: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?

Maria: Oh, definitely giving. Boys are gonna love that one!

Question: Is wrestling a turn-on?

Maria: At times, yes, definitely. So many hormones...and people are threatening, and you're getting beat up, and it's so physical. It's definitely an aphrodisiac. Especially because it's so aggressive and I'm an aggressive person; I go after what I want. So to me, it goes hand in hand.

More on Maria, including pictures.

Anna Elizabeth Anderson is an independent columnist

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