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Published: Jun 21, 2008
Photos: Howard Stern Porn Fave Jasmin St. Claire Does Steamy Tell-All
by Frank D'Avanzo

Former adult film queen Jasmin St Claire, the dark haired beauty whose wild sex scenes with hundreds of men at once changed the way "gang bang" films are produced, is about to upset a lot of people.

The now-retired former "anal superstar" and Howard Stern porn queen fave is set to write an autobiography, and if anything is certain about the controversial actress, no one's feelings will be spared.

"She's lead one wild lifestyle," revealed a book agent who requested anonymity because of his familiarity with the subject matter, "there's nothing she hasn't done twice."

Jasmin will also be blowing (so to speak) the lid off the professional wrestling industry, as she worked for Paul Heyman's Original (and legendary) ECW promotion in 2000 and 2001. She got some backers and attempted her own promotion, 3PW, one of the many failed ECW-wannabe promotions that sprung up after ECW Owner Paul Heyman went to work for Vince McMahon's WWE in 2001.

Her recent divorce left her in an enraged state, but she seems to be moving forward with every day that goes by. Her blogs were a highlight of her MySpace audience, as she lashed out against her ex-husband, who left her in Hollywood and returned back home ot live with his mother in the Pacific Northwest.

Photos of Jasmin "back in the day" are available here.

Frank D'Avanzo is an independent columnist

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