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Published: May 5, 2009
Porn Star Pastor?! Melissa Scott (Photo) Barbie Bridges
by Toshiba Reynolds

US televangelist Melissa Scott has confessed to Marie Claire that she once worked as 'Barbie Bridges' in the porn business!

According to Pastor Melissa Scott's website, she is a televangelist and a teacher of the University Cathedral in Downtown Los Angeles - but she's done much more than that.

Melissa first denied any involvement in the porn industry, saying: "It's definitely a freak show. I've seen a good portion of the stuff on the Internet, and honestly, I almost have to laugh at it."

When an interviewer for Marie Claire kept questioning, however, the pastor said: "Okay, I was never an actress in a pornographic movie. So what does that do? You defend that, what else do you start defending?"

But, according to Anorak, Melissa Scott really was a porn star, as confirmed by several acquaintances who knew her when she worked the adult-entertainment circuit as Barbie Bridges. Though it's unclear when she adopted the moniker, by 1994 she'd already nabbed a title - Miss Nude CanAm Exotic - under the name. She posed nude, as Barbie Bridges, for Penthouse lensman Earl Miller and famed erotic photographer Suze Randall. At the time, Scott was married to Paul Pastore, who worked for an exotic-dancing agency called Fantasy Creations before launching a porn distribution outfit called Barbie Bridges Enterprises. (Among its titles: Backdoor Diaries and Heidi's High Heeled Hookers.)

Go here for the original photo.

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