Published: Feb 6, 2009
Dear John, It's Ideologies Stupid
by David L. Lamon

Dear John,

Consider this my Dear John letter to the new leadership of the Republican Party if they don't take up the mantle of what the conservative thinker is really all about.  One thing that is glaringly missing is the fact conservatives should stick out their chest at every opportunity to distinguish themselves from the socialist Democrats and let the chips fall where they may with the firm conviction right always wins out or good will overcome evil.  Conservatives must stop cowering to the media and tell everyone why there is such a stringent partisonship.  It should start every time with something like "we can't get along or agree with the liberal Democrats because they want turn America into a dictatorship and that is not what America is all about".  It is because we conservatives are 180 degrees to the right of the left on policy.  When the media throws up the fact that the two parties can't work together to get things done we say "It's ideologies stupid!"  Conservatives are for leveling the field when it comes to creating laws that give the little investor the same privilidges guys like Buffet and Soros get.  Example: The leadership must stop the rape of the small investor by allowing them to drive up stock prices for short term gain leaving the small guy left holding the bag when they sell.  Abolish the hedge and preferred stock prices with the option for common in all it's forms.  When a stock obtains its correct worth that stock should not be allowed to keep artificially soaring above it's actual worth because this is not what the original intent of offering stocks on the market was all about, which is to grow the company, increase employment opportunities and thereby the overall economy.  Read between the lines so to speak and you'll get our drift!  We have reached a point in America where it is absolutely required to oversee the greed that is taking place in a market that is destroying the middle-class, which by way is the glue that holds a democracy together.  We also want our jobs back because the conservative cares more about his family than he does what the rest of the world does.  Conservatives believe one is worse than an infidel if he/she don't take care of their own household before they go meddling in someone else's backyard.  Conservatives are the most generous people in the world and don't need government allocating their incomes to prop up the economies of other countries without having anything to say about it.  Conservatives consider this "taxation without representation".

Social issues must come front and center at every opportunity such as conservatives are deadset against homosexual marriage, hate crimes legislation.  We do support gun rights as put forth by the constitution and not according to the socialist dictates of the liberal Democrats.  We demand the leadership of the party at all levels put a stop to abortion completely.  It's fair to say Christians make up the conservative base of the Republican Party and should at every opportunity shout it from the rooftops this nation was founded on Christian ideology and the policies of the United States government will use this as a barometer when crafting laws that affects all of its citizenry.  This is what America is!  How bout that I just gave you the definition of what "is" is. 

Conservatives are for securing the border while Democrats are not.  Conservatives are for stopping the real cause for economic failure and that is the international banking community's meddling with the various regional economies and those that want to push the U.S. into a one world government system.  Conservative Americans are not as stupid as some Republicans in the heirarchy think they are.  We know more about what is going on than many of you think.

We want an independent sovereign U.S. that will never succumb to treaties that rob us of our freedoms and independence.  We demand God be put back in the classroom and all public institutions and that the ACLU be criminalized as traitorous to the consitution.  In other words, we old fashioned conservatives believe "either give us liberty or give us death".  We still believe in such things as "don't tread on me" which hasn't been spoken of since when?  We still adhere to the warnings of our founders such as Ben Franklin when he warned, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety (security) deserve neither liberty nor safety (security)."

Get this message to the leadership and the base will rally.  Don't get this message and expect the conservatives to keep standing on principles and saying if the conservative leadership aren't going to stand up for what is right we will allow the liberals to get the credit for the destruction of our way of life.  That's a fact Jack and you can take it to the bank while there still is one.  You the leadship of the Republican Party are on our nickel now so make up your mind, what are you going to do?

David L. Lamon is an independent columnist

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