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Published: Apr 11, 2007
Anna Nicole Smith Paternity: DNA Experts Knew Birkhead Was Daddy
by Staff

Anna Nicole Smith Paternity Update - The experts who carried out DNA tests on Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter Dannielynn knew Larry Birkhead was the tot's biological father weeks ago but agreed not to reveals the results.

Dr. Michael Baird, who delivered the good news to Birkhead in a Bahamas courtroom yesterday (10Apr07), admits he knew the outcome of the tests on 26 March (07).

He says, "We obtained the samples... on March 21st, took them to the laboratory, we started testing on the 22nd and we finished the report on March 26th.

"Since that time a couple of us in the laboratory have known the results but (we) really didn't make them public until I opened them in the courtroom."

Baird reveals he took "cheek samples" from six month old Dannielynn and Birkhead after convincing a judge that a blood sample, which is often required in paternity cases in the Bahamas, would be too painful for the baby.

He adds, "I took four swabs form Dannielynn and four swabs from Larry Birkhead and we had a couple of swabs from Anna Nicole and, with those, we got enough DNA to do the test." (c) WENN

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