Published: May 5, 2009
Video: Adrianne Ledesma 911 Call and Sgt Robert Mcfarlan's Virgin Ears
by Jack Ryan

If you've ever heard someone panic, then you know sometimes words that aren't so politically correct occasionally slip - unless your name is Sergeant Robert McFarlan.

Imagine you had an emergency and against your better judgment, a curse word slipped out in your state of panic. Now imagine the 911 operator hanging up on you three times without ever sending you an ambulance or even asking what your emergency is. Ridiculous? Well, that's exactly what happened to 17-year-old Adrianne Ledesma.

Lincoln Park, Michigan girl Adrianne arrived home to find her father, who had just undergone brain surgery, on the floor having a seizure. In a panic, she dials 911 - but the line rings with no answer. She hangs up and calls back, not aware that the call is recorded even before the operator answers.

She is heard on the recording saying "What the f*ck" as the line continues to ring and she becomes more and more upset. Just as she shouts this, the operator answers - the operator is Sgt. Robert McFarlan.

McFarlan proceeds to admonish the girl for cursing, possibly wasting precious life-threatening time, to which Adrianne responds "Send me a f*cking ambulance!"

McFarlan, being the prude that he is, hangs up the phone.

Adrianne calls back again and says, "Uh, are you going to send me an ambulance?"

McFarlan responds by saying, "Are you going to swear again you stupid a*s?!"

So the very thing the officer was admonishing the girl for he then does - and eventually hangs up on her again.

Adrianne calls a THIRD time and threatens to sue the officer, asking for his name. He calls her a buffoon, hangs up on her again, never asking her what the emergency is, and then finally calls the police department making Adrianne sound like a nutjob. He said, "I kept getting a 911 call from a filthy-mouthed girl who wanted a rescue. I never found out what it was and I was never able to transfer it over to you."

Never "able" to transfer it? Well, as the officer is making this call, Adrianna assigns her brother to watch her father and runs three blocks over to the nearest police station and guess who's there? Sgt. Robert McFarlan, who then ARRESTS her on charges that don't exist.

The girl's father eventually gets help - and Sgt. Prude gets just two weeks suspension without pay and has to attend a few training classes.

The video is below. Rest at ease - Adrianne and her father have hired an attorney.

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