Published: Jun 27, 2009
Matthew McKinney, 14, Fights Off Rare Flesh Eating Bacteria In NC
by Jack Ryan

Matthew McKinney is a 14-year-old boy fighting a rare bacteria that eats your flesh righ off your body. He contracted the bacteria in Hope Mills, North Carolina after swimming in a nearby lake by his house reportingly.

According to Aol News, "Matthew McKinney of Hope Mills, N.C., is infected with the common bacteria Chromobacterium violaceum, that is spreading through his body, according to a report from local ABC-affiliate WTVD-TV. Doctors have removed part of Matthew's nose, half of the palate of his mouth and five of his teeth in an effort to stop the spread of the bacteria."

The bacteria itself is actually quite natural. It's very likely that many people have been around this bacteria and have come into to contact with it. It rarely affects people. McKinney happens to be unlucky enough to contract it. Aol News reported that the disease has only affected 150 people worldwide since 1927. (c) tPC

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