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Published: Jun 8, 2009
The Thai Rath Carradine Photo Outrage
by Staff

The Thai Rath (aka ThaiRath) is the Thai newspaper\tabloid that published the hanging death photo of David Carradine and the family of the late actor are furious.

The Thai tabloid published leaked photos of the crime scene on their front page. The outrageous photo shows Carradine hanging from a support bar in the closet of his hotel suite with his hands and genitals tied.

Upon close inspection you can see discoloration of his skin on the lower extremities, an indicator that he had been dead for hours before being found.

With coroners are awaiting results of toxicology tests, Thai media pointed to suicide or accidental autoerotic asphyxiation as possible causes of death.

Breaking: Autopsy photos have surfaced.

Thai officials have said it could take several weeks before the results of an autopsy performed in Bangkok are released.

On Sunday there was some clarification on the photo.

The photo is believed to be a police photo, according to new reports. How the paper got the photo is also unclear as Thai Rath does not disclose the source of the image.

The photo was released in print on Saturday. There is no indication as of yet if the paper distributed the picture to other mediums including Thai television.

We can't help but wonder why the paper decided to publish the disturbing image in the first place when a description would have sufficed. 

iReport.com provided the embedded image above. Were we wrong in doing so? Discuss it on our blog entry on the subject here.

Breaking: Second Autopsy By Dr. Baden - NOT SUICIDE.


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