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Published: Oct 20, 2009
'Topless' Rebekah Revels Resigned Her Crown
by Staff

Miss North Carolina Rebekah Revels resigned her crown, thanks to a racy picture (PHOTO) taken by an ex-boyfriend showing Revels topless.

Revels had won Miss North Carolina and the chance to participate in the Miss America pageant, but with the photo, the beauty queen found herself accused of "dishonest, immoral and indecent behavior" and was promptly disqualified from participating in the pageant.

First Runner-up Misty Clymer inherited the crown in Revels place, but Revels later decided to sue to get the title back.

Judge James Fox of US District Court in Wilmington, North Carolina, ruled that Miss America officials were not required to give her back the title, nor were they compelled to allow her participation in the pageant.

Former boyfriend Tosh Welch apparently decided against publishing the photos (Revels admits there were two), and has since disappeared from public view.

According to Revels: "We were in my dorm room. He called my name. I turned around. He took my picture. That was it." According to the evidence, one photo was of her with her arms across her chest, the other with hands above her head.

Visit Revels facebook to learn more about what she's doing now! See additional photos here.

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