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Published: Oct 23, 2009
Barbi Twins (Photos) Controversial Sexy Twins Interview
by Mitch Marconi

The Barbi Twins...oh-la-la. These women are not plastic figurines. Recently their Saturday morning cartoon was banned for being a little too sexed up.

Barbi twins Shane and Sia had a documentary called "Your Mommy Kills Animals" and it was just "Too controversial" for TV. MTV cancelled a show for being inappropriate...if that isn't ironic enough. There were a couple photos that made them pretty well known on the internet.

In a recent interview posted on Fox News Blog, Willie Nelson's daughter Amy questioned them. They are quite witty, here is an excerpt:

"Amy Nelson: What are the good and bad parts of being internationally famous models?

Shane Barbi: The good part is we put our car-accident-circus-freak 7 and-a-half minutes of fame towards animal causes. And the bad part is we are the poster child for puking.

Sia Barbi: More like we were a clone experiment gone wrong."

Read the full speech - HERE 

Fox also had a slideshow there too!

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