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Published: May 14, 2007
Ex-Lovers Joey Buttafuoco, Amy Fisher To Film Romantic Reality Series
by Staff

First it was reported by tPC that Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher were splitting from their respective spouses; now the infamous pair are planning to reunite in what is expected to explode into a very profitable reality series, says UPI.

Freshly out of a California jail having served time on weapons charges, Joey Buttafuoco was long ago dumped by wife Mary Jo -- who survived a gunshot to her head by a then 17-year-old Fisher, and yet defended her erstwhile spouse in spite of the fact he had an affair with the girl.

Mary Jo was even instrumental in the release of Fisher from jail, showing her a great deal of concern and care, which resulted in Fisher being released early.

Buttafuoco re-married, and his current and second wife, Evanka, who is now to be pushed aside as Buttafuoco makes a grab for the girl he had an adult/child affair with in 1991, says she is "devastated."

Fisher shot Buttafuoco's wife Mary Jo in 1992 and served 7 years in jail, but Buttafuoco was not charged in the shooting.

The reunion is to be filmed by TV producer David Krieff as Buttafuoco and Fisher meet in a Central Park restaurant for a hopefully romantic candlelight dinner.

Krieff hopes to make the reunion into a reality show, and says Joey is "very happy" about the reunion, reports the New York Post.

"I still have feelings for her," Buttafuoco says. "I can't wait to have dinner with her. I can't wait to be with her. I can't wait to touch her." (c) tPC

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