Published: May 15, 2007
Madeleine McCann: New Twist Connects Maddy To Suspect Robert Murat
by Staff

Madeleine McCann Case - An interesting twist in the case of Madeleine Maddy McCann could link suspect Robert Murat to the missing 4-year-old little girl. Portuguese police, who were forced to release Robert Murat due to lack of evidence to file charges against him, are investigating the case very closely, and this link provides some sort of a reason for why Murat would kidnap her, if he did.

Robert Murat, 33, a recently released suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, has a young daughter of his own who is about the same age as Maddy - and she was snatched away from him during his early fatherhood experience. It's the typical tragic family tale - the marriage breaks down after a child is born, and one of the parents takes the child, commonly being the mother. This story, however, is slightly different.

Murat's wife Dawn didn't just leave town when their marriage fell apart - she returned to her native Norfolk, just 4 months after moving to Portugal with Robert. Dawn left Robert because she became homesick, and she took the 'apple of his eye' with her. While they maintained their relationship in the beginning, things soon fell to pieces.

The couple's daughter was somewhat of a miracle child, seeing as how it took 8 years for Dawn to fall pregnant. Gareth Bailey, a close friend and former colleague to Robert, says the suddenly-isolated husband tried to visit his daughter regularly:

"At first, he kept his relationship with Dawn and kept flying back to the UK to spend time with her and their daughter."

"He was going backwards and forwards between Portugal and here all the time, often only staying a couple of days before going back there. In the end, their relationship just fizzled out."

Friends say Robert's daughter was "his life".

Bailey added after seeing him two months ago: "He was upset about being away from his daughter. She is his first child and she means a lot to him. When she was born, it was the best thing ever for him. I know he stays in contact with [her] and telephones her all the time from Portugal. She is his world and he loves her to bits."

His daughter is also said to look 'just like' Maddy. Couldn't it be that a broken heart could have led him to take innocent Maddy?

Now to get down to the facts of the case involving Murat so far: Police questioned Robert Murat over the kidnapping Maddy McCann amid hopes of a breakthrough in the case. Murat was taken to Portimao police station, but the chief said he had not been arrested.  In Portugal, police can identify a suspect without arresting the person.

Portuguese police searched the Murat's mother's house, 'Casa Liliana.' Murat had been quizzed along with two others about the disappearance of Madeleine. Forensics experts and sniffer dogs were brought in to examine Murat's villa, just 150 yards from where the four-year-old was abducted. Local television reportedly showed images of the house, which had a large green gate.  Police were observed leaving the house late on Monday after entering it early in the day. They reportedly left the home with computers and mobile telephones.

The Sun UK reports that officers drained a swimming pool on the property and checked its roof  and a room beneath the pool as well. The Heard Sun reports that Murat had been seen regularly crossing police tape outside the McCanns' holiday apartment in the Praia da Luz resort since Madeleine's disappearance 11 days ago. He apparently told reporters that he was half-Portuguese and was helping the McCanns as a translator. Suspicious journalists tipped Portuguese police last week.

Maddy disappeared on May 3, 2007, from the ocean-side resort hotel room on Portugal's Algarve coast. Portuguese police have "searched 500 apartments, followed up hundreds of leads and interviewed scores of people," according to Reuters.


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