Published: Nov 13, 2009
Robert Pattinson Likens Twilight To A Virus
by Staff

Robert Pattinson says 'Twilight' is like a "virus".

The actor – who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the movie franchise – is amazed at the response he's had from fans around the world to the latest instalment, 'New Moon'.

He said: "We went to Japan earlier on in the year. There wasn't that much of a reaction - but last week when we went again, it suddenly exploded, the same as in England.

"I don't know how, it just explodes so quickly. It takes seven months to take hold - it's like a virus."

The British star has also claimed he works as hard as a "doctor" because acting calls for unsociable hours.

He explained: "I've been working so much this year that it's almost like living in an alternate reality. You're doing doctor hours. Every doctor I've ever spoken to says the same thing, that you have no idea what's going on other than working. You're away from your family and friends, and all that stuff."

Robert, 23, recently admitted he finds it strange being a heartthrob, especially because he receives attention from women of all ages.

He explained: "Recently I've had less direct contact with people because there's way more security and stuff on set. But I always find it funny when older people come up to me. There was a woman the other day who must have been in her 90s! And they say exactly the same things as 12-year-old girls. That is kind of bizarre." (c) BANG

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