Published: Jan 12, 2010
Casey Johnson's Dogs ~ Not Buried With Casey?
by Staff

Casey Johnson's Dogs - U.S. socialite Nicky Hilton says she did not have Casey Johnson's dogs euthanized to be buried with her, contrary to Tila Tequila's claims that she did.

Tequila, a reality television personality, reportedly was engaged to Johnson when Johnson died last week at the age of 30. The circumstances of her death are still under investigation.

Usmagazine.com said Hilton and Bijou Phillips, Johnson's lifelong friends, went to Tequila's home to pick up Johnson's dogs Zoe and Elvis after Johnson died.

Media reports said Tequila called the police
and claimed Hilton and Phillips intended to put the dogs to sleep and bury them with Johnson, an heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

However, TMZ said the dogs were taken to a veterinarian for checkups and are now with Johnson's family.

"Hope this clears up all the rumors," Usmagazine.com said Hilton wrote in a Twitter posting with a link to the TMZ article. (c) UPI

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