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Published: Jan 30, 2010
Van Damme Kickboxing Final Fight (Video) 2010 Comeback Bout
by Jack Ryan

Aaction movie star hero Jean Claude Van Damme is considering an actual kickboxing fight in 2010. Van Damme, 49, spoke about having a real fight against a real fighter in Macau, China.

Van Damme Said: "It's the first time in history a guy at 50 will go for a real fight in Macau."

Van Damme's idea is pretty simple, create two reality shows of two fighters training to fight. When they do fight, create a movie of the entire training and fight sequence.

He plans on fighting Somluck Kamsing, a thai boxer with 300+ fights in his credit. Kamsing is 37 years old and has an Olympic Gold Award in featherweight boxing in 1996.

There are unofficially to be 36 episodes filmed. The training will be of Van Damme and Kamsing in their respective countries. You will get to see how they train, how they eat, how they fight. Sounds like a great undertaking. We think he should fight Dolph Lundgren, co-star of Van Damme's movie "Universal Soldier", and for real this time.  We'd bet Lundgren would be up to it. (c) tPC

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