Published: Mar 25, 2010
Rare Ancient Fossil Found In England
by Staff

British and U.S. scientists say they are excited by the discovery of a 425-million-year-old fossil of a water creature with its soft body parts preserved.

Professor David Siveter of the University of Leicester worked with Professor Derek Siveter at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History, U.S. Professor Derek Briggs of Yale University and Mark Sutton at Imperial College London on the discovery.

The researchers said the specimen that was found in rocks near Hereford represents a new species of ostracod and has been named Nasunaris flata. They said the find is important because the fossil has been found with its soft parts preserved inside the shell.

Geologists find ostracods useful in recreating past environments, such as water depth and salinity.

The discovery is reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. and in Planet Earth, the online journal of Britain's Natural Environment Research Council. (c) UPI

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