Published: Nov 11, 2006
Cheney: "Full Speed Ahead" On Victory In Iraq
by Staff

Vice President Dick Cheney visited the set of ABC This Week, and said that the United States will move "full-speed ahead" in implementing the strategy in Iraq, adding that we won't be swayed by political pressures or "because it's hard going."

"The president has made clear what his objective is: It's victory in Iraq," Cheney said. "It's full speed ahead on that basis, and that's exactly what we're going to do."

As the terrorists issued online statements crowing about the Democratic win on Tuesday and how it would work to their advantage,
Cheney explained how the terrorists see the Nov. 7 elections as a way to execute their strategy.

They can't defeat us militarily, Cheney said, but "what they are betting on – and Osama bin Laden talks about it – is they can ultimately break the will of the American people."

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Al Qaeda counts on the United States not having the will to see the fightthrough, the vice president said.  He noted that bin Laden uses the examples of the United States leaving Lebanon after the Marine Barracks bombing in 1983, and the U.S. military leaving Somalia after taking casualties in Mogadishu in 1993, reports Military.com. 

"So for the United States now, because it's tough, and because it's hard going, to pack it in is the wrong thing to do," Cheney said.

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-- Compiled from wire reports

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