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Published: Apr 9, 2010
Karylle Wardrobe Malfunction Nip Slip (Uncensored Photo)
by Jack Ryan

Another young lady apparently showed a little too much boob at the 'ASAP XV' taping a month ago, it just didn't get caught right away. First it was Anne Curtis who had an extremely embarrassing full boob slip, now it's Karylle turn for a little unwanted spotlight.

Reports say that the supposed nip slip is covered in nipple tape. Well, we call BS on that claim. Karylle's right breast is exposed! When will these young ladies learn to cover themselves up better? Check the bottom for the link.

Anne Curtis was extremely upset when her wardrobe malfunction hit the web. Her bra strap snapped and viola, she flashed the entire audience. Within seconds everyone brought out their cameras and cellphones to record the embarrassing slip. Which goes to show you, they don't make those giant ridiculous bras like they used to.

Anne Curtis management agency issued a statement asking people to take the photo off the web, but that's like having a slice of cake in front of you and being told not to eat it. Anne's lawyers decided not to sue the tabloid that first brought attention to the photo. (c) tPC

To see the uncensored version - CLICK HERE

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