Published: Apr 29, 2010
(VIDEO) Prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra Raped (PHOTOS) Manohara Odelia Pinot?
by Tashi Singh

Indonesian-American socialite Manohara Odelia Pinot has claimed that the prince of Malaysia kidnapped, raped and held her captive for nine months.

Manohara, the "Paris Hilton of Indonesia," has claimed that the prince of Malasia, Prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra, kidnapped her and held her captive for nearly a year, raping and abusing her before allowing her to escape with her mother to Singapore when his crimes were in danger of being discovered.

Fakhry has denied all of the claims and is suing Manohara and her mother for defamation.

According to reports, Fakhry met Manohara on a cruise when she was 14 years old. He asked her to marry him - and shortly after is when the abuse took place, according to Manohara.

According to the LA Times, Manohara alleges that for the next nine months she was injected with tranquilizers and threatened if she did not appear happy when attending functions with the prince. She claims the prince also cut her chest several times with a razor.

Interestingly enough, Fakhry, who is suing Manohara for $1.8 million, has said he will drop the lawsuit if she comes back to him.

Somehow we doubt she'll be returning to his embrace anytime soon.

Manohara's mother, who is the one filing charges against the Muslim prince, said of her daughter's abuse:

“The things I’ve been afraid of were revealed to be true. Manohara has suffered physical abuse. She’s got several razor cuts on her chest,” Ms. Fajarina said.

“I will sue him. No parent could be silent if their child was treated in such a barbaric way.”

Manohara, who has filed for divorce from Fakhry, said after her escape: “I am still traumatised by all that happened and it has left an impact on me."

“Sexual abuse and sexual harassment were like a daily routine for me, and he did that every time I did not want to have sexual intercourse.”

“I could never think a normal man could do such things,” she said, adding: “Some parts of my body were cut by a razor.”

Manohara claims she was forced to look happy while the abuse was going on: “Every time I went for events they forced me to smile and would torture me if I did not do what they said."

Video of Manohara below.


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