Published: May 15, 2010
(Photo) 17-Year-Old Toddler Brooke Greenberg
by Jack Ryan

What if you had a child that stayed a child forever? The Greenberg family have a baby named Brooke who after turning one, her life froze so to speak. She is now 17-years-old stuck in a one-year-old baby's body. 

Brooke Greenberg weighs in at 16lbs at 30 inches tall. Making it impossible for her to handle a cell phone or drive a car. Brooke's parents, Howard and Melanie Greenberg, have been taking care of their baby in Reisterstown, Balitmore for 17 years. They have been buying baby food, diapers, and still have to change and wash the baby every day.

Brooke can smile and crawl but she isn't able to talk, walk, and still has her baby teeth. The parents of Brooke Greenberg have taken their child to a geneticist to see if she holds the holy grail of youth. Her DNA is to be studied to see why she has not developed into a full adult human being.

Despite being a baby, she has faced terrible life threatening problems in the last 17 years. She has had fits, strokes, ulcers, and special respiratory problems that would likely be seen in an adult rather than baby.

Richard Walker, a professor at the University of South Florida School and Medicine is the leading researche on the Brooke project. They are hoping they can find out just why humans are mortal and if there is a way to stop aging. (c) tPC

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