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Published: May 17, 2010
Damian Aspinall Gorilla Reunion (VIDEO)
by Staff

Damian Aspinall gorilla reunion goes viral!

When conservationist Damian Aspinall released a captive gorilla named Kwibi back into the jungles of West Africa five years ago, no one knew the two would one day be reunited.

But 5 years later, in a touching video that shows the ability of God's creatures to remember with love those that care for them long after us humans think they've forgotten, you have a moment like this.

The emotional reunion of Damian Aspinall, who founded the Aspinall Foundation to promote wildlife conservation and return captive gorillas back into the jungle, with his old friend Kwibi was caught on video tape.

And if Christian the Lion reuniting with his rescuers didn't move you, this certainly should.

Kwibi even introduced Damian to his wife and children, before giving him a hug that said, "please don't leave!" It is priceless.

Enjoy the moment of man and beast meeting, and sharing a leaf over which they bonded, after so many years apart. (c) tPC

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