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Published: Mar 24, 2009
Jack Nicholson Painting Fixation: Uses Art Garfunkel Spare Room
by Staff

Jack Nicholson is "obsessed" with paintings.

The Oscar-winning actor's fixation with buying artwork was so intense he quickly ran out of space to hang his growing collection.

Allegra Huston - the half-sister of Jack's ex-girlfriend actress Anjelica Huston - said: "He collected paintings to the point of obsession."

Before long, the 71-year-old 'The Departed' star - who dated the actress for 16 years in the 70s and 80s - began to put his art before his friends.

Allegra has revealed in her new book 'Love Child' that Jack always had a spare room for his friend, singer Art Garfunkel, to visit until his infatuation with paintings took over.

She explained: "Jack bought so many paintings that they soon overflowed the wall space and had to be stacked against the walls of the Garfunkel Suite, as the maid's room was known.

"Eventually, the room was so full of stored paintings, that there was no room for Garfunkel to stay anymore." (c) BANG

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