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Published: Jun 7, 2010
Pioneer School Strip Club? The School House Turns New Trick
by Staff

Pioneer School Strip Club may sound funny to some, but many residents in the town of Neoga, Illinois, are't too pleased that a former elementary school has become a strip club.

Pole dancers now writhe where teachers once stood, and the faces of leering patrons those of bright young students who came to the Pioneer School to learn their three R's.

The club is now drawing protestors as well as patrons nightly at the old school building, which was sold by the Neoga school district in 2002 for $36,800.

The strip club owners renamed the place The School House strip club just six months ago, reports UPI.

The former cafeteria hosting topless dancers and the former teacher's lounge serving as the VIP room for lap dances, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

The walls are hung with multiplication tables, chalkboard, a history of U.S. presidents and a poster titled "Class Rules" that reads "Keep hands off dancers." One entrance has been fenced off for a smoking area, and a sign near the back door reads "No Hard Liquor," reports the

According to the UPI report, a dwindling number of protesters still gather nightly outside of the establishment with a bonfire and a sign reading, "Does your family know where you are? Jesus does."

At a recent basketball game featuring a Neoga team, the opposing fans waving dollar bills at Neoga cheerleaders in an apparent reference to The School House.

Bob Kearney, co-owner of the club with business partner Travis Funneman, said the club went through all the proper channels before opening and adheres strictly to local regulations.

"It's no longer an argument of legality; now it's an argument of morality," he said as a stripper crawled across the stage. "Is this Nazi Germany? Are they the Taliban?"

Nonetheless, the gentleman's club has stirred up a hornet's nest that may only be resolved if they are forced out of the town, which is unlikely to happen as long as they have customers. In fact, they are looking forward to building theme rooms and holding bachelor and private parties.

Go here to read details about the school house strip club!

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