Published: Aug 9, 2010
US First Test Tube Baby - Elizabeth Carr Gives Birth (Video, Photo)
by Toshiba Reynolds

The US first test tube baby, Elizabeth Carr, gives birth to a baby boy! (VIDEO)

Admitted to the hospital under the name of Elizabeth Comeau, which Carr had changed to in order to 'duck the attention' from the press and public scrutiny, America's first "test tube baby" brought her first child into the world - the normal way, says the mom - on August 5, reports the Wall St. Journal.

Carr, the first in-vitro fertilization (or as it was popularly referred to at one time 'test tube baby'), was born in 1981 to a couple that had sought help after her mother had had three ectopic pregancies.

The doctor who performed the first IVF process, Dr. Howard Jones, now 99, later became 'like a father' to the young Elizabeth, and they still talk on her birthday and at Christmas, says the new mom.

Perky, outspoken Elizabeth says she 'hates' the term test-tube baby, and wishes people would just call the process in-vitro fertilization.

She also says that she found life as an anomaly brought it's own share of difficulties, so she decided to talk about it after her son arrived to make the story her own, and not a media circus.

Carr says that she and her husband had their son, Trevor James, "the normal way" and that their greatest hope for him is a "quiet, happy existence."

Go here to read her comments and watch a video interview she did just before the baby's arrival. Best wishes to the happy family!

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