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Published: Oct 29, 2010
Moran Cerf Record Dreams And Enter Them: 'Inception' Coming Soon?
by Staff

Is 'Inception' coming true? Scientists are hoping to be able to record people's dreams in the future. Their hope is that by recording the dream, they can interpret them for people.

According to NewsCore, "Dr. Moran Cerf, from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and his colleagues, said Wednesday that they found electrodes could record neuron activity in the part of the brain that controls memory."

Scientists did two different types of tests on volunteers to see if they could identify individual neurons in their brains. In the first test they used celebrities Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. In the second test they superimposed the images onto each other and asked the volunteers to isolate one of the images.

Scientists hope to one day use this technology to help those who are locked in comas or paralyzed. This technology would also help people read dreams and thoughts locked in by patients. Before we know it, actor Leonardo DiCaprio will really be able to get into people's minds and plant 'Inception' like in the cinema. (c) tPC

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