Published: Nov 19, 2010
Jesse Ventura To Air JFK Confession On Deathbed (Video)
by Mitch Marconi

Tonight on Tru Tv Jesse Ventura is going to air the confession of a assassin of the truth behind JFK's murder. Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, show called 'Conspiracy Theory' will attempt to solve the mystery.

The question is, was it just a single gunman who tried to shoot JFK or was that just a scapegoat for the true assassination by the government.

CIA operative E. Howard Hunt came out with the truth on his death bed. He was part of an elite group of government assassins whose job was to kill JFK in 1963. The group called the day of JFK assassination - Mission: 'The big event.'

Hunt's son is the one coming forward with the recorded deathbed confession. He also details the Watergate break-in. Hunt's father was" proud" of his mission his son said to Ventura.

Apparently, JFK wasn't supporting certain elite special interests behind a 'New World Order.' Was this truth to why he was killed? Watch the video below for a preview. (c) tPC

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