Published: Dec 8, 2010
Derrick Burts HIV Pornstar: Cameron Reid, Derek Chambers Video, Photos
by Jack Ryan

Weeks ago it was reported a porn actor was HIV positive and a studio was quarantined. Today the porn actor stepped out of the veil to reveal himself and the intimate details of his life.

Porn actor Derrick Burts, 24, revealed to the Times that he is the actor who has been tested positive for HIV. Burts claims that he got HIV when working with another porn actor.

Burt is now calling for all studios to use condoms.

According to CBS, "Burts, who performed in straight films as Cameron Reid and gay films as Derek Chambers, described the panicked call he got from clinic staff on Oct. 9 about the infection that sent fears through California's adult industry."

After being tested for being positive of HIV, the clinic staff put him and every other actor or actress he performed with on a quarantined list so they could trace who gave him the disease. When Burts came back to the clinic on Oct. 23 to review his second test results, the clinic revealed to him which fellow actor he had sex with is "known positive." The clinic though would not reveal the identity of the performer due to patient confidentiality.

Burts believes that he got HIV during a gay porn shoot in Florida. Clinic officials released a statement saying that Burt got the virus through "private, personal activity." Burts told the Times "That's completely false. The only person I had sex with in my personal life was my girlfriend. She tested negative." (c) tPC

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