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Published: Dec 9, 2010
Blue Valentine Trailer Video - Oral Sex Scene Beats NC-17 Rating
by Jack Ryan

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams' controversial film has just released another trailer. The movie makers just got done with a long fight with censorship and the MPAA.

According to WENN, "Censors at the Motion Picture Association of America ruled that some of the film's scenes were too racy for an R rating and suggested 'Blue Valentine' should be released as a restrictive NC-17 movie."

Producers of 'Blue Valentine' were able to fight off an NC-17 rating and get a R-rating for their movie. Certain sex scenes were keeping the MPAA from giving it an R-rating. In the end the MPAA gave out.

Largely to blame is the oral sex scene in 'Blue Valentine.' Michelle Wiliams is on the receiving end of oral sex with Ryan Gosling. Strangely enough, 'Black Swan' also had Natalie Portman on the receiving end of oral sex and that didn't keep it out of theaters. Is Williams a better sex actress?

All scenes will remain intact for the theater. If their movie had gotten an NC-17 rating it would have been kept out of most movie theaters, newspapers, and many mainstream DVD retailers such as Walmart. (c) tPC

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