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Published: Jan 2, 2011
Secret DaVinci Signature? Tiny L V Behind Mona Lisa Pupils
by Toshiba Reynolds

Symbols of the model identity? Or Leonardo da Vinci secret initial signature? Mona Lisa pupils (left pupil L V, right eye letters CE or letter B or number 7):

That is the question posed by the National Committee for Cultural Heritage, a group of Italian experts that may have unlocked a secret code in Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa masterpiece.

According to reports, art historians were alerted to the possibility of a secret code hidden in the pupils of the Mona Lisa when a member of their committee came across a book in an antique shop that suggested there were symbols hidden in her eyes.

The contents: Mona Lisa behind left eye - tiny L V a secret initial signature. Mona Lisa right eye - letter CE or letter B or number 72.

Obviously the L V is da Vinci's initials.. but what of the others? The mystery continues...

Interesting note: On this day in 1913, two years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "The Mona Lisa" was recovered in a Florence, Italy, hotel room.

And just days ago (12.7.10), UPI reported that a Leonardo da Vinci manuscript was found among documents untouched for 130 years, according to a French librarian.

The document was discovered among items donated to the Nantes Library in 1872 by a wealthy collector, Euronews.net reported Tuesday.

The scrap of paper has a scrawl that was written back to front and is best read using a mirror, Agnes Marceteau of the library said.

"He was most probably writing in Italian from the 15th century and possibly in other languages. So it's now got to be deciphered," said Marceteau.

The same collector, Pierre-Antoine Labouchere, also had donated, among other collectibles, an original score by composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which was discovered in the collection two years ago, Euronews.net said.

Go here to read more about the da Vinci eye code and check out some photos!

Below is a video report about the supposed home of the real-life Mona Lisa being discovered.

Below is an interesting video news report.

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