Published: Jul 14, 2011
Living First Ladies Of The United States
by Jack Ryan

Do you know who the living first ladies of the United States are? Better yet, do you know which presidents are still alive? Here's a list of  presidential husbands and wives who are still with us.

President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush are still alive and active. W has for the most part stayed out of the public while Laura is still doing speeches. She will visit Glacier National Park this week as well as speak at Grace College in October.

President George H. Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara Bush are also still active in the political arena. The Barbara Bush Foundation (helping to end illiteracy) awarded $25,000 to local Families READ program a few weeks ago.

Nancy Reagan, widow of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, is 90-years-old and is still an active member of the Reagan Library.

Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Bill Clinton are still very much active. Hillary is currently the United States Secretary of State for the President Barack Obama administration.

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the current holders of office (duh!)

President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter (83) are still in able roles. Jimmy Carter continues to do speaking events.

The U.S. lost Betty Ford on July 8, 2011 of natural causes at the old age of 93-years-old. She lost her husband President Gerald Ford in 2006. (c) tPC

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